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"By 2015, Mobile Internet Usage Will Increase by Factor of 26" - Time Techland
Mobile Websites

The mobile internet is evolving very rapidly. More and more people access the Internet through their mobile devices or tablets such as the iPhone or iPad. Situations in which users visit your website using their smartphone are different from situations in which they visit your website through a normal computer. Users of mobile phones and tablets have very different expectations of a mobile website. The experience with mobile web pages is usually disappointing due to slow loading times and poor reading. Given the enormous growth of the mobile Internet market, this is a missed opportunity.

We differentiate between platforms and modify your existing website to make it compatible with mobile handsets; with “optimum” navigation and content display for the mobile phone user. We consider optimization as the key. Research suggest that a bad mobile experience can ward off users from visiting a site for at least 12 months, which can be potentially catastrophic for a business. This is precisely why all our mobile sites are embedded with detection codes, which enable the site to display a tailored version of the pages specifically tweaked for that particular device.

Not only do our mobile websites offer the best usability & device accessibility, but they also come equipped with best practice mobile SEO implementation and architecture.

In pure statistical terms the opportunity offered by mobile web browsing and its peripheral applications is limitless. In fact it is safe to say that your Internet presence is incomplete without mobile compatibility. So if you do not have a mobile website, consider having one today!