Refund of amount paid is allowed only on genuine cancellation cases before the services are delivered. If a cancellation request comes up after the work is completed, we cannot guarantee that the cancellation request will be honored. Further no refund of money is guaranteed for late cancellation cases.

At all times where an order is cancelled due to any reason, refund if any, will be only credited to the respective account from which the payment has been made. Cash payment of refund will not be done in any cases. In the matter of order cancellations, xl technologies shall initiate refund process and communicate to the bank for processing refund as early as possible. Normally this will take not more than two working days. Delays in credits caused from the Bank end could not be predicted in cases such as transfer network delays or server issues of our partnering bank or the customer’s bank.

xl technologies will be responsible only to the extent of processing the refund and requesting the bank for crediting to the customer account.
If the order cancellation is due to non availability of the customer/address at the address specified in the order, then may deduct an amount incidentally expended to attempt the delivery at the wrong address mentioned in the order. Refund amount will be credited back only after deducting the same.