Duet AI: The Google Workspace Super-Tool of the Year 2023

Duet AI: The Google Workspace Super-Tool of the Year 2023

Is your work taking away all your precious time? Are you in search of the perfect AI assistant that can work within your Google Workspace? Indeed these problems are not yours alone. Well, to address this, Google is doing the ‘we got your back’ part yet again with their all new Duet AI.

Digital marketing: Some Highly Promising Thoughts for 2023

Yes! Even the numbers say that. More than 60% of the total marketing processes is digital marketing.  And, the future of digital marketing is even brighter with the integration of machine learning and data science.  Already data is playing an important role in digital marketing. I am sure you must have already experienced the intervention of data in e-commerce marketing.

Digital Marketing - Some Highly Promising Thoughts in 2023

Pipedrive CRM - Why is it a super relevant system for 2023?

Customers are the kings in business. Be it any domain. In this digital marketing era, any business will need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to survive. Any CRM is not enough for present day businesses. With the rise of digital marketing, things have changed. There is an increase in demand for CRM systems with advanced features. Pipedrive CRM does everything possible to meet that demand.

Web Designing: 5 Undeniable facts before you get one done

Brand visibility is what all business owners crave. Indeed, websites serve as a great tool
to achieve that. A good website must manifest your business vision. It should be done in the
most impressive way with optimum content. This optimum can be different for different

Google Workspace

Google ’s Space,Your Works!

Collaborate even when you need to work remotely.

From writing customised emails to giving creative suggestions for your various professional tasks, this Google Workspace tool can come in handy in many ways. Not just that, Duet AI is designed to improve with each interaction. So, be prepared for the wonders to come,