Web Design & Development Dubai

Modern web design is more involved than creating an attractive website. Consideration of user experience, search engine optimization, ease of use, and technical details are just a few elements that are involved in developing a website that is designed to perform in today’s competitive marketplace. Our Web Design And Development Dubai team has established a host of effective services to facilitate the growth of your business. Including WordPress websites and ecommerce solutions focused on usability and responsive design, creative branding solutions that inject personality into your business, and custom programming for ideas that you need help bringing to fruition.

Web Design

“THE CREATIVE ‘ACT’ IS A PROCESS, NOT A MOMENT.” Your Online Presence Is A Direct Reflection Of Your Company, So We Know You Need The Best. Our Design Principles Focus On Ease Of Navigation, Website Usability Guidelines, And Smart, Clean Content Layout. Our Web Design And Development Dubai Team Provides Our Clients A Variety Of Concepts And Work Hand In Hand To Produce An Appropriate Solution That Exceeds Industry Standards. Design Has A Powerful Affect. The Right Design Kindles In A Website Visitor The Right Perception Of Your Business. The Design Of Your Website Seeds The First Impressions That New Customers Have Of Your Business. Design Is Important And It Must Be Right!

Mobile UI Design

The mobile internet users can be addressed through the sites being made compatible for using through the smartphones and tabs. The ease with which the different sites get loaded on to the mobiles is dependent on the Mobile UI Design. The mobile ui design must be developed with the help of an expert digital services company. At XL Technologies, we have mastered the art of Mobile UI Designs which make your mobile apps and pages open easily on the mobile phones

Landing Page Design

The basic designing of landing page is similar to a normal webpage except one major difference. The purpose and target of landing page is to push visitors to take action and complete the task you have intended for them, which could be filling up a form, clicking a button or calling you. A special focus is also given in creating a good experience for users with marvellous design concepts. The header is the foremost aspect of a Landing Page. Thus, our prime focus remains on creating a highly appealing header for the page which will keep your visitors glued to your website. Another very important aspect is personalization of the landing page. We personalize the landing page based on the visitor’s history, demographics, geo-location etc.

Blog Design

Are you looking for a chic, unique and sophisticated custom blog design? We have been designing custom blogs for WordPress and Blogger since 2009. Why purchase a cookie-cutter template that is difficult to configure and can be used by any blogger when you can have your own unique look, customized to your taste and style? We offer start to finish service, including full theme installation.

Web Development

At XL Technologies, We Develop High Quality Custom Software Applications That Match Your Unique Business Processes And Drive Your Competitive Advantage. A Robust Methodology Starts With Your Business Needs, And Translates Your Needs To Design, Architecture, Development And Deployment Of The End Application. By Leveraging In-Depth Experience In Product Engineering As Well As Rigorous Processes, We Create High Quality Products That Meet Your Objectives. We Ensure That Application Is Scalable And Expandable Based On The Growth Of Your Organization And Our Web Design And Development Dubai Team Is Present For All Your Application Maintenance Needs.

Content Management
System (CMS)

Keeping your website up to date can be challenging, especially If you don’t have in-house resources. But running an outdated website is not an option as it can cost you your customers and image. Can you afford to be complacent about your website? definitely Not.
If you are looking to take charge of your website, a Simple yet effective option would be to have a content management system (CMS). The benefits of having content a management system are many, a few of them are mentioned below

  • Ease Of Updating Website Quickly And Frequently
  • Increased Efficiency And Accuracy
  • Reduced Website Maintenance Costs
  • Flexible And Secure.
  • School Management System
  • Health Care Solutions

Having a CMS is necessary but at the same time, choosing the right content management system is critical. Choices we can offer are using open source CMS Tools Like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Dotnet , Nuke Or Custom CMS Development. Your choice solely depends on your needs and the expertise we have will leverage for your help.