Digital marketing: Some Highly Promising Thoughts for 2023

Digital Marketing - Some Highly Promising Thoughts in 2023

Sell it in the biggest market

Digital marketing

Yes! Even the numbers say that. More than 60% of the total marketing processes is digital marketing.  And, the future of digital marketing is even brighter with the integration of machine learning and data science.  Already data is playing an important role in digital marketing. I am sure you must have already experienced the intervention of data in e-commerce marketing.

In the future the level of this integration will increase drastically. You might have experienced the way our preferences and tastes are addressed by the major e-commerce platforms. The more the data they get, the more they align with our preferences and tastes. With that power digital marketing will rise to a level where sales conversion rate will increase by customization.

Yeah! Easy. But bit too smart

AI driven data collection is everywhere. We are in a world where almost every action of a user is recorded. Be it searches made or voice records of products being talked about.In simple words the marketing world is getting smarter due to the fact that the public is running after convenience. People started to expect products and services to be delivered to their doorsteps with minimum steps possible. AI infused digital marketing and newest development in automation is paving the way for the same.

Using various digital marketing tools people’s preference is known. These preferences can be used as  the database for giving  the customers what they want and designing new products. This database with right analysis  also helps digital marketers to provide the customers with much needed convenience.

The medicine and the toxin too

Future beholds possibilities, only if you understand the change around us and strive for innovations. Digital marketing is no different. Those who are prepared for innovations and eager to integrate the domains of data, machine learning, automation and AI to the marketing can find limitless possibilities especially giants like Microsoft and Meta are already setting up a world of augmented reality. When the

There are few challenges too in digital marketing.  Recently marketing has reached an extent where people start to worry about privacy. The worriment indeed is reasonable. The data collected through mobile phones knowingly, unknowingly and partial knowledge is used for various applications. While some of those are beneficial and others are harmless marketing applications, there are certain applications which are scary.

An experience of toxic marketing

The sensitive data such as medical data are used for targeted digital marketing. This manipulative approach is very rarely beneficial. I had a personal experience where my excessive sweating problem was identified by a bad digital marketer. They tried to intimidate me with one of their super expensive products. Their marketing was so customized that It made me think of getting it. However, I managed to refrain from that purchase.

No. I am not claiming a product is useless. I can’t do that since I didn’t use it. But, the way that is marketed is scary. Targeted marketing with the knowledge of our health condition will be one of the challenges digital marketing has to overcome as it affects their reputation.

The Future

Digital marketing is finding new ways to shine. The future is vibrant with experience oriented integrations such as  AI and VR. Also it is the duty of digital marketers  to defend toxic marketing. Marketing possibilities are limitless. All the elements of digital marketing are evolving at a fast pace. So only those who update themselves can survive in the field of digital marketing.