Web Designing: 5 Undeniable facts before you get one done

Brand visibility is what all business owners crave. Indeed, websites serve as a great tool
to achieve that. A good website must manifest your business vision. It should be done in the
most impressive way with optimum content. This optimum can be different for different

Website design & development is not a mammoth task if you join hands with the right team. Yet, there are certain things you must know before you get a website done for your business.


1. Experience matters

Your brand website can be a good conversion tool for your sales. The appeal of the website and the experience it delivers can contribute to the decision of a visitor. Not just color scheme, fonts, and font size. There are other website parameters such as loading speed, total scroll length, and content distribution too that make the experience of a visitor seamless.
We should consider the customer’s perspective when planning the user experience. Keep in mind that every website visitor is a high-probability customer of yours.

2. Small mistakes can hit so bad

How painful it would be if ‘nap’ instead of ‘snap’ in the sentence, ‘We make it right in a snap.’ and the automatic check didn’t show anything!
The total hard work can end up in vain. So before publishing do as much proofreading and maintain the revision index. So far, this conventional way works better here.



3. Impress at the first glance

Impression — SteemitJust a second or two. That’s what you get to impress your audience. Every audience reaching your website should get the first impression right.Indeed, the content should be well-designed. But what use if the first impression created a big blotch in the image of your brand!


4. Beware: Bouncing is a reality

Rejection is something we all are afraid of. In the case of websites, rejection comes in the form of bounces. And the fact that the bounces in your websites are being counted makes even the paid marketing in vain.
Bouncing happens when a visitor decides to leave the site before browsing enough. This is where the user interface and user experience have to perform well. Experienced UI/UX designers can read the mind of a probable audience and design the way most audiences like to see the website.



5. Mobile experience mattersWebsite Mobile Experience Matters | Statistics to Tell You Why

The biggest mistake some of the business owners committed in the earlier times was neglecting or not giving much importance to mobile viewers. Even now their websites including that of some big names continue to make the same mistake. They make desktop experience top-notch and mobile experience mediocre.



According to a survey conducted in the US, an average American spends 4.1 hours on the phone and 3.5 hours on the desktop including work hours. So imagine how foolish it would be to not address mobile users. A website you desire can be a reality only when the above facts and even more factors are kept in mind while designing. It’s true that a business owner need not know all the minute details of web designing and UI/UX design. But being a business owner you must at least know how to outsource web designing & development to the best web designing agency for your needs